in-house   thermal - wellness - spa   

services all included in your price,
to be reached simply in slippers and bathrobe from your
Spa Residence Apartment:

the tepidarium, with its Roman atmosphere, always fills you with warmth

a unique luxury:
the original water of Lake Hévíz, here in the  in-house thermal spa
Relax indoors in one of the thermal whirlpool pools!

The two thermal pools are filled daily with fresh thermal water. On the shore of one of the pools is the fountain of the "Rudi spring", topped with the turtle (symbol of long life)
Indoor 25 x 12.5 m swimming pool for sports -lovers... Because your daily well-being is guaranteed to be boosted by a good swim!
The massage pool is a rare option:
In 15 minutes, it massages your muscles from head to toe, in 6 parts, progressing to the sound of music
Massage: all version (extra charge)
fish in the giant aquarium,
people in the thermal pools
the pavilion: the designated smoking area
One of the highlights of the complex is the adventure pool, heated to 26-28°C in winter and summer, surrounded by flower islands and sun loungers.
Half-hour aqua-gymnastics with an animator several times a day.
One of the neck massaging elements of the adventure pool.
But there are more neck and back massagers and even a water massage beds!
In cooler weather, enjoy the eye-catching spectacle of the steaming pool!

thermal - wellness - spa @ Lake Héviz:

The enchanting, year-round bathable Lake Hévíz can be reached from the Spa Residence apartments by walking along the boutiques and restaurants of the town's pedestrian streets and the promenade, accompanied by ancient trees and colourful flowerbeds

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further impressions:
 ...adventures in the area (Hévíz, Balaton) for those, loving active recreation...

The Spa Residence Apartments
are waiting for you 
just in a quarter of an hour pleasant walk from
Lake Hévíz!